I’m probably not really that nice

November 17, 2012 — Sometimes I wonder if I’m overly considerate of others because I’m really that nice or because I can be insecure and I want people to like me.

Case in point: the woman behind me at the deli who walked right through the door I held open for her, didn’t even look at me or say thank you, or take the door to hold for the people coming out after her, leaving me to do that too.

I don’t think I would feel so angry at her if I was really that nice.

5 thoughts on “I’m probably not really that nice

  1. Bottom line is it was all about her. Being considerate takes thought. Obviously, you were the only thinking person in this scenario. Sad commentary on our world. Just wondering … how old was this woman?

  2. It was once considered the thoughtful thing to do, hold the door, say thank you, I am sorry i bumped you,etc. Now i am afraid those actions are only considered as weak,submissive….by some that is. I still do all those just to make someone wonder what I’m up to

  3. It’s never wrong to do the right thing. Being a people pleaser is only wrong if it makes you compromise your values to do something wrong. I think you guys should let this inconsiderate, self absorbed woman learn her lesson. Maybe it will be your good example that teaches her.

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