No Twinkies? Say it ain’t so…

November 20, 2012 – It’s difficult to imagine a world without Twinkies.

State fairs wouldn’t be the same without deep-fried versions of the yellow sponge cake with the delectable white creamy center. And children’s lunchboxes (if they still carry them) would seem empty without the fun treat.

The news that the Hostess Company, which originally filed for bankruptcy protection back in January, is closing shop for good due to a dispute with its striking union employees, has fans of the snack cake doing everything they can to make sure the famous brand survives. Twinkies’ recipes have appeared online, and boxes of Twinkies are selling on Ebay for more than their retail value, causing a run on many grocery stores so people can make a tasty profit, or at least stock up on the goods for themselves before it is too late.

Apparently, this critical news really strikes a chord with some folks. If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to know that the Twinkie will likely survive. The bankruptcy judge ordered the Hostess management and union to go into mediation and try to resolve their differences. And if that doesn’t work, there are several baking companies interested in buying the rights to the brand to keep them in production, including Philadelphia’s own Tasty Baking Company, the makers of a local favorite, Tastykake.

While I’m glad to see the brand may live on just for the shear nostalgic factor, I can’t say I’m a fan. Twinkies have always been too sweet for my taste, and I can’t imagine the new owner – whoever that may be – will want to mess with success and change the recipe to appease me.

But that’s OK. I’ve always been a Drake’s Devil Dog kind of girl, anyway.

4 thoughts on “No Twinkies? Say it ain’t so…

  1. When you have Tastykakes, who needs Twinkies… never liked them. But I bought a Tastytake product yesterday ( for Taylor ). Last I remember they were called “Tandy Takes” not “Kandy Kakes” and they were .79 cents not 1.69 cents. I guess it’s been a looong time since I bought any Tastykakes.

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