An ode to an iMac

imagesJanuary 7, 2013 – It nearly destroyed me when you left.

I’m being selfish, I know. There are more important matters in people’s lives and round the world than your hard drive dying, but when you sent the sad folder with the question mark on Friday night, it nearly killed me, too.

I know you were old, little buddy, an antique in the computer world, and a faithful companion for these eight years. We made the most of our time together, so I shouldn’t complain. You just ended it all so abruptly, and at the most inopportune time. We were right in the middle of a huge freelance project with a looming deadline.

All day Saturday I spent on the road (thankfully listening to the awesome tunes you downloaded onto my iPod before it all came to an end) trying to track down someone who could help bring you back to life, or at least save the files you hold for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t backed up or visited the cloud since I began this project. That’s not good, I know, but you knew it too and didn’t say anything.

I know I’ll have to start seeing a new computer (I’m already cheating and typing this on my laptop and a PC no less), but you’re the one I turn to for all of the freelance work we do, especially when it involves graphic design. As long as you cooperated by sending our files onto a new computer, I would have mourned you, but thanked my lucky stars that the work we did could be saved, and not stress about putting out the extra cash right after Christmas.

When I finally found someone who was willing to work on you, and was told my request could be completed easily, I jumped for joy. Only seconds later, the world came crashing down again. There is nary an iMac in the tri-state area to be found, so there is nothing to transfer our precious files to. Seems like the folks at Apple – where you were born – had the brilliant idea to introduce a new iMac to the general public, and your new sibling is so popular he or she is harder to find than retrieving a file once you’ve emptied the trash.

Maybe you can urge your family at Apple to write me a note so my client will understand. And thanks for the memories we created together. I will never forget you.


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