Highway Adultery

images (1)January 23, 2013 – While driving home from work last week, I stumbled upon a billboard advertisement that promoted something I’d never seen promoted before.

“Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery”, it brazenly read.

The sign was right next to the billboard that shared the message, “Monogamous billboard seeks long-term relationship with an advertiser for daily drives”. Wouldn’t it have been ironic if the “commit adultery people” purchased that monogamous space?

The billboard advertised for a company who claims to be the “world’s leading married dating service for discrete encounters”, and a little Internet research shows they are not the only company handling these types of requests.

I strive to be open-minded, but this is a bit much, isn’t it? Sure, the United States is a free country, and adultery isn’t against the law, but what about the moral implications? This is a business that pats you on the back if you break your marriage vow to forsake all others and never look back. Being a card-carrying member of the club also implies that you’re proud of your association and your actions. Come on! Those who commit adultery are at least supposed to feel guilty about it.

The success of this business (and I’m only assuming success since billboard advertising is not cheap) means people are paying for this service when they can just walk in to any bar or club and do the same for free. That sort of makes this prostitution disguised as a dating service.

I’m looking for a silver lining here, and all I come up with is that jobs are hard to come by these days, so at the very least these businesses have put people to work. But what could you possibly say if someone asked what you do for a living? Oh, I hook up married people up who want a little extra on the side? So, yes I’m a pimp.

Please tell me this isn’t an example of capitalism at its finest, or simply capturing an untapped market. If it is, are the other nine commandments next?

Then tell me there is a saving grace ahead. I really need to hear that now.


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7 thoughts on “Highway Adultery”

  1. Looks to me to be an attempt to rationalize what people already know is not right. You thought it through and came to a logical conclsion. Most will look at the sign and say, “I guess it really is ok.” Sad commentary on our world and culture. Good post.

    1. Thanks, Pam. It’s sad that I’m not surprised by the action anymore because it’s relatively common. But I am quite surprised that they’ve turned this into a club and a business. Very sad.

  2. It is sad, Linda. And selfish. Why get married at all?

    Again, this doesn’t surprise me though because it’s been going on forever. But to make a business out of it is awful!!! Let’s picket!

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