“All the Single Ladies” reside in Philly

mail-1February 13, 2013 – Do you remember that odd statistic that claimed it was easier for a single woman to be killed by a terrorist than get married over 40?

Thankfully, that statement was proven false, but a recent survey released by nerdwallet.com – just in time for Valentine’s Day – sort of makes it feel true in my home city of Philadelphia.

The survey focused on the best cities for dating, and Philly came in at no. 17 when it came to single women meeting single men. For single men interested in meeting single women, the city ranked 4th, which suggests there are far fewer single men in the city of brotherly love when compared to single women.

The survey also showed that Philly is one of the more affordable cities to co-mingle, with the average date costing $27. That seems too reasonable; we’re not necessarily among the most affordable cities in the country. Expect those costs to double or even triple tomorrow night as the city celebrates Valentine’s Day.

So, what’s the best city for single women? San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Denver and Austin, Texas, are the five best cities for the ladies. For the single men the top five cities are Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Denver. Perhaps these singles should merge, meet in the Midwest and make everyone happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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4 thoughts on ““All the Single Ladies” reside in Philly”

  1. I have to question San Francisco being one of the best cities for single ladies. Quite a large percentage of single men there are gay…very gay but oh so handsome.

  2. Interesting post. Perhaps the ladies in Philly have higher standards than the available men. Perhaps a trip to San Diego is in order. If you don’t like the men, the trip itself is worthwhile.

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