The battle of the billboards

mailFebruary 18, 2013 – Perhaps you remember the blog entry I posted a few weeks ago regarding the billboard on I95 in Philadelphia that advertised for a company not only promoting infidelity, but actually claiming it could help find you a partner for your adulterous liaison.

Like Superman swooping in on Metropolis to save those in trouble, an unnamed company/organization purchased a billboard not so far from the adultery advertisement that shared an opposing message. “Thou shall not commit adultery” it simply read, with a caption below “Fidelity matters”.

Granted, I’m not one who enjoys being preached to, but I found this new billboard, which had to be placed in response to the other rather refreshing because fidelity does matter. Why get married if it doesn’t?

I also find it interesting that no one is claiming responsibility for the new billboard’s placement. I assume it is a religious organization, but if it is, they’ve decided to stay in the background and let the message speak for itself. That’s kind of refreshing, too.

How bizarre is it that advertising has reached a new pinnacle and is now marketing morality – or immorality as it were? One may try to argue that this has been going on for years, but not this literally. If this trend catches on, and more shockingly makes a difference in the way people behave, can you imagine what other billboards you could see in the future. Like post it notes on my desk that remind me to do different tasks, billboards on highways can become the new voices of our conscience.

On second thought, I hope that never happens.


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