A new take on the Oscars

imagesFebruary 25, 2013 — Did you watch the Academy Awards last night?

Can you believe a movie fan like me missed the best part? I was catching up on episodes of “Homeland” and didn’t want to stop watching, so I hit the DVR button. Unfortunately, the show ran over (something I didn’t think about) and I missed all of the major awards and speeches.

While searching for news and clips this morning, I found this piece, which sort of takes the magic out of Oscar night, but somehow I believe every word.



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2 thoughts on “A new take on the Oscars”

  1. I saw it for a few minutes. I was also wondering about the dresses these people wear. Every year they have to spend a fortune for revealing so much or covering so much. I ma looking forward to some sane actress, wearing normal clothes and attend the function. She may become a hit, for a change.

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