Purchase anxiety

imagesCA5WQQR4March 29, 2013 – My good friend Dina is the first person I heard use the term purchase anxiety, the feeling that she gets when spending money on something she shouldn’t.

I’m not a sufferer, but sometimes wish I was. Instead, I   have buyer’s remorse, or post-purchase anxiety, which is worse because it makes me ask myself “why the hell did I buy that?” a little too often. I’m out the money and worry about my sanity at the same time. At least purchase anxiety stops you from making some insane purchases.

Case in point: here’s a list of five items I recently bought that I should have thought twice about. They may seem innocent, but they are not.

 5. “The Good Earth” – I bragged about Pearl S. Buck’s classic novel about a Chinese farming family on this blog not too long ago. My goal was to read it by the end of 2012 after being inspired while taking a writing class at Ms. Buck’s home in Perkasie, Pa. I didn’t accomplish my goal, though I tried. And I tried again and again before realizing I didn’t like it. Now it sits on my nightstand with the rest of the books I need to read taunting me. If I never purchased it in the first place, I’d be happier, I’m sure of it.

 4. The black leather purse with the feather fringe – When I saw this bag about six months ago on Macys.com, I had to have it. It was different and a little fresh, considering I hadn’t seen fringe like that since the early 1970s. And it was from rock legend Carlos Santana, new to the bag design business, but I have other bags of his that I adore. Yes, I do have a bit of a purse addiction. I love buying them and rarely suffer from regret even if I don’t carry it often, but after one use, I wondered what made me buy such an ugly bag. Sorry Carlos. Only good tasting bags get to stay in my closet.

3. The black nail polish – Not for my nails mind you, but to touch up the chips that were flaking off the dashboard/stereo of my Volkswagen Jetta. I thought it seemed like a brilliant idea because the paint that chipped off or bubbled revealed the white underneath, which drove me crazy. The polish turned out to be more shiny than expected. It’s also chipping now and driving me crazier. At least I didn’t try to get rid of spots on top of my car with a Brillo pad like someone else I know!

 2. A chrome storage shelf unit –I moved into a new home recently (packing all the weird stuff I own was inspiration for this blog post) and I thought I’d save some money by being a little creative. Instead of buying a baker’s rack or a kitchen cart, I decided to try one of those chrome metal storage units they sell at Target for $39.99. It looked ridiculous when I pulled it out of the box. Sure, it would be perfect for the garage to store baby jars filled with nuts and bolts, or behind the doors of a pantry to hold canned goods, but not in the middle of the kitchen. My savings idea cost me because I had to buy the actual piece I needed in the first place. The storage unit sits in the basement closet, since I’m not the nuts and bolts kind of girl, complete with the receipt and waiting to be returned. Problem is I also suffer from return anxiety.

 1. The timeshare – No, just kidding. I would never do that. And why I’m at it, I’ll include anything in the Skymall.com catalog or in the “As Seen on TV” category, which luckily I’ve stayed away from in the past year. Still, my last item, a pair of Clark’s patent leather shoes, (my most favorite shoe brand) is almost as crazy. These shoes carried a hefty price tag and come complete with a relatively high platform and even higher heel that still has me scratching my head and asking why. They’re super cute, but I’m just too smart to torture myself with them now. What was I thinking?

4 thoughts on “Purchase anxiety

  1. Had to laugh at your comments especially the Good Earth. I too purchased it for the same reason. Fortunately, I bought it used so the cash outlay was not bad. I did finish it, but it was a labor of endurance — not my genre — rather than love. Pearl did do a good job in developing her characters.

  2. LOL! Read this and literally laughed out loud… for me, Purchasing Anxiety is still VERY strong, even after all these years… and if I don’t heed it, then usually the buyer’s remorse kicks in, in full gear! 😀

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