A list of reasons why I love lists

I love listsMay 8, 2013 – If you love lists like I do, here are two great sources that keep me entertained: ranker.com and listverse.com.

Which is my favorite? I couldn’t say. Choosing between them is too Sophie’s Choice for my taste.

Both sites provide lists on a multitude of subjects, but operate differently. Ranker’s lists are living documents, open to the general public to change, vote on and create anew, while ListVerse contains static lists open for comments, but not change. It’s the best of both worlds.

Here’s a sampling:

What is the best way to spend $100? (Ranker)

13 Simpson jokes that actually came true (Ranker)

10 mesmerizing facts about hypnosis (ListVerse)

10 ways the bank is stealing from you (List Verse)

A word of warning: proceed with caution. This stuff is addicting.

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4 thoughts on “A list of reasons why I love lists”

  1. Ha, I love the list of thing do with $100. It’s hilarious that Disneyworld makes the list because I don’t even think you can stay in a hotel there for only $100! Maybe it’s for native Floridans…

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