‘The Crash’

ddMay 22, 2013 – Was Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men” the weirdest yet?

The episode with Roger Sterling tripping on acid still tops my list, but I seem to be in the minority according to the tweets and message boards that are abuzz with feedback from Sunday’s episode, “The Crash”.

I said it last season, and it’s worth mentioning again. Now that “Mad Men’s” timeline has reached the late 60s, it has become cliché. We get it; the 1960s are associated with drugs and lots of them. Most likely, the stories are accurate for that year, but it makes me long for the simpler days when tossing back a whiskey or bourbon after a meeting was the drug of choice.

Then again, maybe the 1960s are cliché. With the exception of Don Draper, everyone looks like they could be an extra in an episode of “Laugh In” with the mod clothing, long hair, and sideburns. It’s ironic that the writers designed it this way to keep it real, and in doing so, it rather seems fake.

The past few seasons have been slow getting started, and this season is no exception. In the end, however, the writers seem to redeem themselves, even though Don’s shtick is wearing on me. The more I learn about him, especially this season, the less I like him, and that isn’t a good opinion to have about a main character.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’ll admit “Mad Men” remains one of the best shows on television, and I’m planning to hang in until the end to see if Don finally lets someone in. Perhaps Sally said it best in Sunday’s episode. “Dad, I don’t know anything about you.”

If you’re one of the many who believe Sunday’s episode wins the prize for weirdness, here are 12 most surreal moments that buzzfeed.com put together. While some of the antics were included for the sake of weirdness alone, some also set up possible storylines for the future, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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