The creative side of political scandals

thMay 24, 2013 – Twitter blew up today when asking its audience to get a little creative. The mission should you choose to accept it: name a good title for an Obama scandal movie.

It is important to keep our sense of humor during these trying times, so here are a few titles that made me laugh:

16 Scandals
Admission Impossible
Dr. I Don’t Know
Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Love the Drone
Drones Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Dude, Where’s My Drone
Father of the Bribe
Game of Drones
Gone With the Scandal
Harry Potter and the Auditor’s Apprentice
He’s Just Not That into Us
How to Destroy a Country in 10 Days
Ignoring Private Ryan
I Know Who You Audited Last Summer
Indiana Jones and the Consulate of Benghazi
I Totally Don’t Recall
Lie Hard
Look Who’s Not Talking
No Country for Honest Men
Play Dumb and Dumber
Saving Private Emails
Silence of the Scams
Swindler’s List
The IRS Man of Alcatraz
The Lyin’ King
The Man Who Knew Too Little
The Terrorist and I
There’s Something About Benghazi
There Will Be Audits
We’ve Got Your Mail

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