Far from reality

realityJune 12, 2013 – Come a little closer. I am about to admit something truly embarrassing. I am one of those women who watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

My confession may not cast me in a positive light, but I never watch live. I wait until the DVR has recorded enough so I can fast forward through the many commercials and previews of what will come next, so I can watch it in about half the time. That leaves me time to help save the planet, listen to Bach, and read Tolstoy.

Why do I enjoy wallowing in the daily trials of the young men and women trying to find their life’s partner on a TV dating show? I suppose I am intrigued by the type of person who would chose to expose themselves this way, by the drama of their dilemmas and petty problems, and with their fight to be the last standing with a rose and possibly an engagement ring. Yet, I fully understand there is nothing real about it, no matter how they advertise it, and even though it is considered reality television.

I thought about breaking this less than great habit. Yet, I find it oddly therapeutic. Shouting at the television, at the stupidity that often takes over, does that for me.

Yet, there is one thing that drives me batty. Whenever I hear the phrase, “They are not here for the right reason,” spoken about a particular contestant, and that phrase is used so often that I believe its written in the contracts that they have to use it, I cringe. Sure, we realize it is code for he/she is getting too much attention from the bachelor/bachelorette. Besides, what would the right reason be, anyway? They are all there for the same reason. They like the spotlight and want attention.

In the 15 seasons this show has aired, only one successful relationship developed for a couple who chose each other at the end. Not very good odds for finding love. However, several former contestants have found careers in television and other media related fields. Much better odds, indeed.

Phew! I feel better. I exposed my weakness and got this off my chest.

And I did it for the right reason.


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6 thoughts on “Far from reality”

      1. I sometimes watch the Orange County show, but I don’t know the characters that well. What I do know, I do NOT like. They make the Beverly Hills housewives look like saints.

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