Channeling my inner artist

lJuly 17, 2013 — There’s a new creative outlet in town that has folks asking why paint a coffee mug or vase when you can paint a masterpiece instead.

Painting with a Twist is an art studio experience popping up in different locations across the United States. The local studio in my area is in Skippack, Pa, although studios are opening soon in Jenkintown and Philadelphia, and like the others, it offers a place to gather with your friends or loved ones, tap in to your creative side, and complete a work of art. The twist part is that it’s also a BYOB event, so you can relax and enjoy an adult beverage while you paint.

The professional staff is upbeat and funny, and they play the perfect music to keep you inspired. Themed events run each night for famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s A Starry Night and Monet’s Water Lilies, along with other themes such as Christmas in July, Window Shopping in Paris, and plenty more. It’s the hottest trend in birthday, bachelorette, and other private parties. The studio also runs all age events, with more focus on kid friendly beverages. A list of themes is available on their website.

painting-twist-fireflies-27 2Last Friday night, I attended a “Fireflies” themed night with a few girlfriends, hoping to catch up with the latest news and also discover a hidden talent for painting I may have overlooked all of these years. The original painting (left) is the one we hoped to reproduce, and I love it because it has the same look and feel as a Van Gogh. When I walked in to the studio and saw the replica the artist/instructor painted, I knew it would be difficult to copy. I mentioned to him that my painting will most likely not look like his version, and he smiled and agreed that it was one of the more difficult paintings to produce, but he would provide step by step instruction that would make it easy for all of us. He also added that I would be surprised at what I could accomplish.

Along the way, I doubted him, but in the end he was right. Although it’s far from an exact copy, I provided my own twist and was surprised that it came together as well as it did. I’ve never painted before and can’t draw, yet I did better than I expected. I learned a lot about painting and brush strokes–I tend to have a heavy hand when painting and that can be trouble–and I noticed definite improvement by the end of the night. Next time, I will do better, and I say next time because as a group, we had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back.

IMG_0131To prove I’m a good sport, even though my type A personality did emerge when I became frustrated by my imperfections, I’m happy to show my first masterpiece (right). It appears there is a pond in the middle of my painting, the moon is larger and sort of resembles a bowling ball, and my jar of fireflies looks a little more like a cocktail shaker, but I pushed on and finished. Sure, I may have appeared stressed and serious to those around me, but I had a great time.

Now, if I can only figure out what to do with this one. Any bidders?

4 thoughts on “Channeling my inner artist

  1. How fun! I did something similar a year or two ago and I have my “masterpiece” at home, still waiting on that perfect location to display. IT was neat because the instructor had us break divide our canvas into sections and sketch in each section individually to make sure the proportions were correct, so it was somewhat mathematical and structured at first.

    1. I can see how mathematical theories can apply to painting. I never wanted to make that connection before, but after taking the class, it makes sense. Charlie says he read that painting is a lot like programming and he wants to go with me next time. That should be interesting.

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