Come on, we’re not that bad

boobirdlee-300x291July 26, 2013 – Philadelphia, also known as the City of Brotherly Love, has an undeserved reputation.

We have our unfortunate share of crime like any large urban area, yet crime rates are down significantly from our worst rates of two decades ago, and we are not on the top ten lists of the most dangerous cities in America. Still, it is not crime that is on everyone’s lips about when speaking ill of my city; it’s the residents who live here.

In sports circles, we’re known as the world’s worst fans because we throw snowballs at Santa, a 45-year-old story about a poorly dressed and drunk Santa at an Eagles game that won’t die. We throw batteries at the opposing team, another incident about a couple of stupid teens who threw batteries at J.D. Drew, not the smartest thing, but try to find a city without stupid teens. We’ll throw up on you in the stands, beat you up in the parking lot, laugh when you break your wrist, and make you very afraid to wear your team’s jerseys here, which is all absurd. Let’s not forget that we boo our own players, probably the most accurate description of our fan base, but many consider it passion over actual displeasure. Booing is an east coast thing anyway, and not just prone to Philadelphia.

Now, we can add comedian Chris Gethard to the hate list, who has stated that Philly is the worst city to perform. He recently wrote in a vice column, “I feel like a lot of performers’ worst shows happened in Philly. There’s something about that town. Kids have a real chip on their shoulder and are always ready for a battle.”

I’m not sure about a chip on our shoulder, we seem to roll with the best of them, and as far as being ready for battle, I do have friends that enjoy our reputation, especially concerning sports. They believe it gives us the advantage because other teams fear coming into the city to face our boys. Perhaps that was true in the old days, when the Eagles played at Veteran’s Stadium, however, that is not a good enough reason to dis Philadelphians.

Hey, Gethard, did you ever consider that maybe you’re just not that funny? Or, perhaps we took issue with the name of your show, “New York is better than Philly,” a title you wouldn’t have used less you were trying to stir our famous “passion”. Whatever your reason, do you really think it’s wise to anger an entire fan base? Who are you, anyway? It’s not as if you have a name like Carlin, Pryor, or Seinfeld to back you up.

Why not ask a few musical acts like The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel why they love to play in Philly. They’ll tell you the audience is great, and that they always add several shows on their tour schedule to play here, usually more than any other city.

We are purveyors of good talent in our fair city. And we like the best. Sorry if you don’t fit the bill.

3 thoughts on “Come on, we’re not that bad

    1. You’re right about that, Marshamc. Detroit has had a lot of bad press over the years. As a former GM employee (I worked for GMAC Mortgage in a Philly suburb), I visited many times and thought it was an interesting city.

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