Coming to a theater near you

thCAAUHHS2August 9, 2013 – Have you read Ann Leary’s novel, “The Good House”?

The New York Times and National Bestseller hit the shelves in January, and is one of the best beach reads for 2013 according to

Leary tells the story of Hildy Good, a sixty something gal who lives in a small New England town. She’s a mother, a grandmother, a successful businesswoman, a good neighbor and a raging alcoholic, who has ignored a recent family intervention.

I picked up the book this week, haven’t read it yet, but know it comes highly recommended by critics as a “funny, poignant, and masterfully told tale that is as intoxicating as it is sobering”. Others say the book is “wickedly funny”, or at least as funny as a story about alcoholism can be.

I am doubly interested in it now that “Publisher’s Weekly” shared the news this week that Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro have signed on to play the lead characters in a movie adaptation. The pair have previously starred in three movies together, “The Deer Hunter”, “Marvin’s Room”, and “Falling in Love”.

It will be a while before “The Good House” hits theaters – a director hasn’t signed on yet – but I’m already looking forward to this über talented onscreen combination.


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