Summer 2013: It’s a wrap!

thSeptember 16, 2013 – Summer 2013 will go out in style, as I’ve literally waited until the last week of the season to take my vacation.

The events kicked off on Saturday, with a stop in Sea Isle City, N.J. for my family’s 10th annual memorial fishing trip, where we honored two wonderful uncles who have passed on.

imageLater, we headed south, almost to New Jersey’s tip, where we’ll spend the next week. September is a great month at the Jersey Shore, and this stunning sunset is a perfect reminder.


My plans for the rest of the week? Not to have any plans, of course, although I will take advantage of my Wildwood Crest location and answer the age old question, which is the best boardwalk pizza: Mack’s or Sam’s?

Until then, I’m on vacation…


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