Doo wop Wildwood style

September 20, 2013 — It has been a wonderful vacation in Wildwood by the sea. I’ve spent the better part of the week reacquainting myself with this area of the Jersey Shore, a place where I spent all of my childhood vacations.


Much has changed but it’s nice to see some of the old landmarks still exist:

The Cork ‘N Bottle, a liquor store and bar was the site of my grandfather’s famous talent contest win back in 1976. He sang in one of his best performances that night, walked away with first prize, and I’m happy I got to witness it.

I also rediscovered that Wildwood loves its doo wop. Not only are the motels decked to the nines with lots of fun 1950s and 1960s themes, but some of the popular chains we all know play up to the doo wop style. No wonder I’ve been listening to the early 1960s radio station all week!

Wawa, an east coast convenience store sports a 1950s theme.
Wawa, an east coast convenience store sports a 1950s theme.
TD Bank has fun with doo wop
TD Bank has fun with doo wop
Walgreen's plays along, too
Walgreen’s plays along, too
And so does Subway
And so does Subway
The sun sets on the bay, and on my summer vacation. I'm coming home today.
The sun sets on the bay last night to mark the close of my summer vacation. I’m coming home today.

As for that age-old question, who has the better boardwalk pizza, Mack’s or Sam’s, here’s the scoop. I had my first slice of Sam’s this week, and while it was good, this girl was born and raised on Mack’s and plans to stay that way.


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4 thoughts on “Doo wop Wildwood style”

  1. Great pictures, Jane. I’m saving every one. There is also a radio station that plays Doo wop every Sunday night which is fun and nostalgic. And Jerry Blavet, the Geator, still comes to Wildwood and has Doo wop dance parties. Lots of fun things to do here not to mention the gorgeous beaches and sunsets.

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