The simple things: a happiness journal

happyNovember 8, 2013 – November is the month we give thanks for all of the blessings we have in this life. I’m lucky to have plenty to be thankful for, and too much to mention here, so I’ll share this instead.

I recently found “A happiness journal” I briefly kept in my miscellaneous computer files. When I started it, it had more to do with celebrating the New Year than Thanksgiving, but I am thankful that I kept it these 10 years, so it is appropriate. I remember why I started it – I wanted my son to embrace the little things that make you happy, but I’m not sure why I stopped it.

Things that made me happy today – a 2004 happy journal

Thursday, January 1:

  • Getting through a shopping trip with my son without an argument; his observation, which makes me doubly happy! (In those days that was something to celebrate!)
  • His dad driving him home from his cousin’s birthday party. (That was something too since I always did the driving back and forth!)
  • My son buying me the Let It Be CD as a surprise
  • My family and friends had a safe new year’s eve.

Friday, January 2:

  • The man in the parking lot at Blockbuster returned my movies for me so I didn’t have to get out of the car. It was freezing today!
  • The Asian man at the dry cleaners had a great and friendly smile.
  • I paid all my bills and still have something left over in my checking account.
  • Hearing a song from the 70’s that made me cry happy tears. “You left me just when I needed you most”.

Saturday, January 3:

  • A new haircut and hair color.
  • My son received the schedule he wanted and he seems relatively happy.
  • After seeing Cold Mountain, I’m happy I did not live in the South during the Civil War…at least not that I can recall.
  • The smell of apple cinnamon candles.

Sunday, January 4:

  • I’m still on vacation.
  • My house is clean and there is little laundry to do.
  • Listened to great music on the radio today.
  • My imagination.

Monday, January 5:

  • First day back at work after the holiday break, and no problems occurred while I was gone.
  • Kirsten and Judye took my lunch tray to the trash. Thanks, ladies!
  • I said “no” to my son and stuck by it when he asked me to leave work and drive him to school because he missed the train. Better yet, he managed to get there on his own!!

Tuesday, January 6:

  • Ron A. recovered data on my broken hard drive… YIPEEE! That’s all I needed today.

Wednesday, January 7:

  • I finally flew in my dreams! Dreaming has been a pleasure lately.
  • I almost won in Scrabble.

Sunday, January 18:

  • Yes, the Eagles lost for the third time straight in the championship game, but I won in Scrabble!!!

It’s nice to be reminded now and then that it’s the little things in life that make you happy.


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