Need a good laugh? Here are six funny people to follow on Twitter if you’re not already doing so.

thCAJPS43TJanuary 10, 2014 – I may not be a Twitter genius, but as a blogger, I send a tiny URL linked to my site each time I post, giving me a fair amount of experience with the social media site.

On the receiving end, I’m also in the fair category, occasionally checking in on the 59 special individuals I follow. I appreciate funny tweets best, although it’s difficult to amuse in 140 characters or less. Here are the six people who manage to do that for me:

  1. Steve Carell – As Michael Scott on “The Office”, Steve Carell’s childish antics began to wear on me, but I missed him when he left. Now, he amuses me with his clever posts on Twitter. I enjoyed this one from last year – “Tomorrow I am going to start not growing a beard.”
  2. Steven Colbert – The political satirist is always a kick on “The Steven Colbert Show”, but it’s nice to get a little slice of humor on Twitter, too. Recently he shared his New Year’s resolution – “They say ‘the camera adds ten pounds’ which is why my New Year’s resolution was to fire two cameramen.”
  3. Ellen DeGeneres — I typically work during the day and don’t get to enjoy Ellen’s humor on her popular daily talk show. On Twitter, I can enjoy it whenever I want. Ellen had this to say about the return of a famous British show – “Amazing to think people lived the way they do on Downton Abbey. Portia was watching something else, so I watched in the servant’s quarters.”
  4. Jimmy Fallon – Mr. Late Night will take over the reins for Jay Leno next month, and it seems he’s gaining more popularity by the day. I knew something was special about him from his earlier SNL days. During the holidays, he tweeted this little gem – “One Thanksgiving my mom had to bail my sister’s boyfriend out of jail. At least we had something to talk about at dinner.”
  5. Hugh Laurie – Who knew the grim Dr. House could be so funny. Thanks to a nudge from my sister, I do now. His tweets are a bit sarcastic, and I love that – “Do you ever get the feeling you’re not being watched?”
  6. Steve Martin – I’ve followed Steve through his early “Let’s get small” stand-up days, and enjoyed his movie career, too. Now the banjo-playing comedian is a timely contributor to Twitter – “Just learned that the NSA has figured out how to log onto Twitter and read my feed.”

I’m sure there are more funny men and women that could brighten my day, so please send suggestions if you follow any. My funny bone thanks you.


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