Winter in the city

January 20, 2014 — I took a winter’s stroll through the woods across the street from my home early Saturday morning. It snowed like crazy for 10 minutes before the sun came out, and then it was gone.

I’ve never been much for poetry unless there’s music behind the words and it becomes a song, but I like the rhythm of a haiku. Here’s my humble attempt to capture that moment with a few photos and a haiku.

As the city slept
Snow fell soft and thick until
The sun erased it

I love trees. In the winter they look so strangely artistic standing naked in front of the world.
There is something artistic about naked trees.
I came upon a birdhouse during my stroll.
Along the way I found a bird house.
Nearly all the trees and bushes were bare, except for this one with a few green leaves clinging to life
The trees and bushes were bare, yet a few green leaves still clung to life.

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A girl trying to live the dream.

4 thoughts on “Winter in the city”

  1. I read your blog to Taylor and she was impressed. She is a budding writer and artist. She wants to be a teacher and a writer when she grows up.

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