Fun with puns and alliteration

a-middle-eastern-eatery-photo-u1January 24, 2014 – Most people enjoy a good pun, the wordplay form that suggests more than one meaning of similar sounding words for a humorous effect. They can be madcap fun.

When you combine a passionate penchant for puns and a lingering love of lists — the alliteration part of this blog post — you end up with a set of data that is sure to entertain. Take a look at the “47 Best Funny Restaurant Puns” from, the crowd sourced list maker of topics both entertaining and practical, and I bet you’ll be entertained, too.

It’s clever, for instance, to name a wine shop Planet of the Grapes, and a coffee shop Brewed Awakening. It’s downright funny to name a deli Nin Com Soup, or a chicken restaurant Sam and Ella’s. I had to read some of the puns/names a few times before it clicked, and admit to still scratching my head at nos. 16, 28, 34, and 44, but it’s a list definitely worth a look.

6 thoughts on “Fun with puns and alliteration

    1. #28: Assault & Battery but doesn’t seem to make sense for a fish & chip shop, so, a not so good pun
      #34: Play on the word “Discotheque”
      #38: Play on the TV show “90210”, another not so good pun
      #44: Play on the word “Mischievous”, I liked this one.

  1. Oops! Forgot…

    #16: A take on the movie “Millenium Falcon”. In order to be a good pun, people must get the connection. Not too sure this would make it.

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