Life after the Oscars

imagesFebruary 14, 2014 – My quest to see most of the Oscar nominated movies before the big night bombed, just as “The Lone Ranger” did at the box office earlier this year. My hopes were high, yet instead of turning in a stellar viewing performance, I made it through three of nine Best Picture nods: “Her”, “American Hustle” and “Dallas Buyers Club”.

I have a few weeks to go before the Academy Awards on March 2, but I am through fooling myself. Sadly, many of the remaining nominations hold little or no appeal for me. My interests instead are in two movies, one out today, and another in a few weeks.

Winter's_tale_(film)Winter’s Tale – Opens today
Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly
This interesting tale love found, lost, and found again 100 years later is based on the best-selling fantasy novel by Mark Halprin. “Winter’s Tale” tells the story of a burglar (Farrell) who falls for a dying heiress (Findlay) when he attempts to rob her home. The setting is New York City at the beginning and the end of the 20th century. I am a sucker for any story involving time travel and reincarnation. View trailer

hr_The_Grand_Budapest_Hotel_3The Grand Budapest Hotel – Opens March 7
Owen Wilson, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Ralph Fiennes
I thoroughly enjoy all of Wes Anderson’s films, but this one especially tickled my funny bone when I saw the trailer a few weeks ago. I have never seen Fiennes in a comedy, which may be reason enough to look forward to this release. The story follows Gustave (Fiennes), a concierge at a famous European hotel before WWII and the lobby boy who becomes is best friend. In addition, the movie features the regular cast of characters you would come to expect in any Anderson film. View trailer

I wanted this list to contain more new releases; however, it’s unfortunate that too many remakes and cookie cutter stories are coming our way. As for the rest of the Oscar nominated films, I may still want to see them, but they will have to wait until they screen in my living room courtesy of my cable provider.

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