Is Hillary on the correct side of the war on women?

2767231February 24, 2014 – A few weeks back I wrote a post on the war on women, a popular topic in political circles these days, but one I don’t believe exists. 

My opinion has not changed on the issue; I still view it as a marketing ploy to scare women into believing they are in danger of having certain freedoms removed. After reading more articles with a different slant, I concur that there could be a war waging on women of a different sort, after all.

Stories about sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and rape affecting women in the U.S. and around the world unfortunately are many. Take the current story about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow and the alleged sexual abuse of Mia’s daughter. I am not going to take sides in this issue; it seems shameful to argue in the media anyway when only those involved know the real story. We may never know the truth, although we all seem to have our opinions and think we do.

Without evidence, most cases involving abuse, harassment, or rape are typically he said v. she said. The allegations are difficult to prove, and the process, which often makes the victim look guilty, can stop women from coming forward. I’m not saying I know a better way since the law allows the accused to defend themselves, but situations involving harassment, abuse, and rape could be construed as “war on women”.

Last week, I came across a story with a unique twist on the subject. Kathleen Willey, a former White House aide, and who is among several women who brought sexual harassment charges against President Bill Clinton believes Hillary is the real crusader in the “war on women” because she did everything possible to “singlehandedly orchestrate investigations on all of the women who accused her husband of sexual crimes.” She spent an entire radio interview on WABC in New York speaking out against Hillary. Willey argues that she is speaking out now because of the possible run for the presidency in 2016. “She was Bill’s enabler,” says Willey, “and has never been the friend to women that she pretends to be.”

Hillary was in a sticky position for sure, and her husband’s behavior is not her fault. However, knowing Bill’s past, in her heart she probably believed those women, and yet she tried to discredit them to save his political reputation. It’s almost like Mia Farrow accusing Woody Allen (and trying him in the media) over similar issues, when in the past she was a crusader, publicly speaking out about the rape charges against Roman Polanski and a 13 year-old girl, and trying to make it possible for him to come back to the country. Flipping on this issue when it suits them does not shine a positive light on either of these women. It diminishes their credibility, and Hillary’s stand that it’s the “Republicans waging war on women.”

I never cared for Clinton as a First Lady. I felt that she negated women with her snide comments about those who elected to stay home and care for their children. “I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession,” Hillary Clinton famously snapped. However, that was 22 years ago, I’ve made my peace with it, and began appreciating Clinton again. That is, until Willey’s accusation made me re-examine the situation.

“Hillary Clinton is the war on women,” Willey says, “and that’s what needs to be exposed here.”

4 thoughts on “Is Hillary on the correct side of the war on women?

  1. I find this topic very interesting…..Hillary’s enabling of Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment…..yet if Republicans bring it up, they will look like they are really desperate. However, if Hillary were a Republican….well, so I have to say more?

    1. Part of me understands her wanting to protect her husband, but she knows him well, and most likely the women he harassed were the innocent victims. I have to believe she knows t hat. Hillary can’t say she fully supports women, and then defend her actions to discredit her husband’s victims.

  2. Hillary Clinton is a politician. And like most politicians will do or say anything to get reelected. I would love to see a woman president and I think Hillary would be as good as any other candidate so far. But what i would really like to see is a President and legislature without an agenda ( Democrat or Republican). I think we should get someone like Pope Francis to get us on the right path and do the right thing for the right reasons. Let’s have a “War on Politicians” who are in the pocket of big business and corrupt lobbyist and are only interested in getting elected.

    1. What a wonderful idea, Bea! Let’s start a war and vote them out!!

      I would love to see a woman president too, and I was coming around about Hillary, Now I want to see a better choice.

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