The death of Boxerjam

February 26, 2014 – It is disappointing when you log on to play your favorite online game and receive a message that the site is under maintenance.

It is devastating when you check back later and receive the message that the site is gone for good.


Devastating may be too dramatic a word, but how else do you describe the feeling that you lost something you have grown to depend on over the past 15 years, played faithfully, and written about on this blog not
one or two, but three times.

Boxerjam was my go to when I needed to relax, or suffered from writer’s block. I would play a few games to shake up the cobwebs – my favorites were “Strike a Match”, a word matching game played in four different rounds, and “Know it All”, classic trivia played quickly against a ticking clock – and all would be right again. The site provided me a second wind, got the creative juices flowing, and offered the option to compete against other players or play on your own. 

I first discovered Boxerjam in 1999, though it has been entertaining its members since 1995. From the message above, it appears they have lost the data. According to the software engineer who lives in my basement, the game logic is an easy rebuild, but if the data is lost (the questions and possible answers that need consistent updating) it could take months to recover and rebuild.

That means Boxerjam could be back in another form one day, but for now, farewell my faithful gaming companion, and thanks for the memories. You will be missed.

108 thoughts on “The death of Boxerjam

    1. me too I miss you all just terribly old retired Bill we went back ten years Baker woman I wonder how you are doing if any of my friends are reading this I want to wish you all a happy holiday season
      petes daughter

  1. I have not been able to locate any similar game. They all seem so stupid. I played this game for 14 years and miss it a great deal.

  2. I miss it too! I hope those who own boxerjam reads these posts and maybe someday (soon!) will put it back up on the web. If pogo and make it… boxerjam can too! I think I would even pay for a subscription to continue to play all those wonderful games….

  3. I have paid a subscription fee and now I’m just %^$# out of luck? OK I’ll just cross this off my list, but they’d better not come back someday for more money!

  4. I feel like a good friend has passed away I’d been playing KIA & SAM since my youngest was 4. That was 17 yrs ago! A whole generation of boxerjamming fun—-Thank you Boxerjam! I’ve searched endlessly for a comparable SAM on other game sites and nothing even comes remotely close. It was one-of-a-kind! (And thanks Jane for posting)

    1. Thank you Morph! You’d think with all of the advancement in technology, this could be easily duplicated, but you’re right. It was one of a kind!

  5. Gosh, I feel really dumb for just realizing that Boxerjam is gone. Seems like I’ve played those games forever. I did lose some access when I switched to a mac but I could still play Strike A Match and Know It All. Well, rats – it’s true – I haven’t been able to find any games even close them Boxerjam games.

  6. This totally SUCKS! Strike A Match was one of the only games my husband would play with me. Plus it is one of the greatest word games I have been able to find. It was fast,entertaining,educational and it was one of the fewest games that you played against real people not robots the site tries to say are real people.

  7. Sorry to hear about the demise of our baby “Boxerjam”. We have good news for you. The creators of the games on Boxerjam have started anew and are developing mobile application games for phones and tablets. We have just launched our first offering “Move Your Vowels”. It is available in both iTunes and Google Play. We also have a little game called “Piki Paka” on our website.
    Join Julann Griffin, Maureen Roberts (JAM) and myself Candisse Reynolds (CANDY) on our new adventure. Check us out!

  8. I remember my disappointment when I first read that Boxerjam message. SAM and KIA were also my go-to games for a bit of brain relaxation. Met a couple great people there as well…and just recognized the names of many others that played regularly as they showed up in games or on the leaderboards. Glad to know you feel my “pain” :c)

    1. Billy, we definitely aren’t alone. I did hear from the creators of the games, and they are attempting to create another site for those who miss Boxerjam. There aren’t too many games up yet, and I didn’t see any familiar titles, but the website is

      The message says more games will be added and we can keep our fingers crossed that SAM and KIA are among them.

  9. know it all was my favorite game…there were so many great people to play against…really miss it…hope one day it will be back

  10. I too keep checking back to see if anything is happening with the website because I miss SAM. Pogo just isn’t enough! I miss playing against all you. Maybe we’ll meet again soon.

  11. I suffered a stroke in 2012. I had been playing several of the boxerjam games prior to that. Had paid for the service for years. However, after the stroke, it became therapy. The games were much more difficult, but as I continued playing them, I found my mind working better. I do other mind improving games now, but none as fun as Boxerjam had. Sheila

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, Sheila. I did hear from the folks at Boxerjam and they are working to bring something back online, so I will keep you posted.


      1. Jane, our new game is available for mobile devices on iTunes and Google Play. The name of the game is “Move Your Vowels” The name of the our company is Jam and Candy… the same brains of Boxerjam iand Candy (was head of the question and answer dept of BXJ) We are a team of family members dedicated in bringing the same quality to digital game playing. Check us out!

      1. Checking back in for any signs of life from SAM or KIA. Looks like there’s some good leads.. Yaaay! Can you post the address of the SAM page you and Stacey found?

      2. Hi Cher, I am unable to locate the link I found before that Stacy mentions. Perhaps if she’s reading this she can help and post it. My fear is that it was an old site page and they took it down. The creators of boxerjam began a new site of games at but it’s been a slow process getting it up and running and nothing comes close to Strike a Match so far.

  12. My wife and I started playing boxerjam’s offerings back in 1998. Have been away from it for a while, and it’s gone. What a disaster!!!!

    1. Seems the old adage is true, CBR. You don’t know what you got till its gone. It’s been months since I’ve known now, and I still miss it terribly…

  13. I liked “Strike a Match” and hadn’t played in a while. Started looking for it and found this blog. Indeed it was a fun game, but nothing to be down about,.. take it as a sign to get outside and see the world.

  14. I loved Boxerjam! I played SAM and KIA as a kid with my grandmother’s boyfriend. I just went to the site today to play out of boredom at work, and it’s gone and I’m sad.

    1. As you can see, you’re not the only one Taylor. We can only hope that those who created Boxerjam and are now creating a new gaming site,, hear our cries!!

  15. I found out about Boxerjam from my 7th grade social studies teacher. He said it was a the time his favorite site. I checked it out and was addicted to it for a long time. Then I forgot about it for a few years and recently got back into it like 2 or so years ago and have been playing it off an on ever since. I must have not played on the site since last year because I didn’t know it was shut down for good until a few minutes ago. I’m really sad about this. I hope there is another site that will allow Boxerjam to house its most popular games like Strike a Match and Out of Order, which are two of my personal favorites. This site has been a staple on the internet for casual online games and players for years. An era as certainly come to an end.

    1. Thanks for sharing our misery, Joanna. I know the old staff is recreating games for another site, so we can only hope they come close to what they did at Boxerjam…

  16. Any idea when they might the website going, if indeed they do get it going. My girlfriend and I have been playing on Boxerjam for many years and miss it terribly.

    1. No, Bob. Unfortunately, I do not think it will ever come back. The brains behind Boxerjam, however, are working on a new site. My only hope is that the games they are creating now will be similar.

      1. i learned a few months ago about SAM going away. that game and time have special places in my heart. if someone is contractually preventing its return, shame on him or her. if it is financing, i’ll bet — and follow up with happily being the first to do start it — a donation for the cause (and i ain’t talkin’ a token one, either).

        i’ve not read it but what is the reason SAM cannot come back? it can’t be for lack of server availability, brainpower in the gaming industry, or anything else technical — those are in abundance now. i know, there may be good and valid reasons it cannot be explained publicly. still, the question lingers.

        i’ll look at jamandcandy and hope there is something that can assuage my SAM loneliness. perhaps if not now, sometime soon.

        this is a good blog. i’m glad to see it.

        best to all,


  17. Noooooo….I just found out from this blog that boxerjam is gone!! I admit I haven’t played it in awhile but I LOVED SAM. Very sad. I too used it as a diversion to get the creative juices flowing!!!! I was just telling a friend about this site too…..grrrrrr. But thanks for the info.

  18. It is so ironic that we at Jam and Candy feel that it is great that Boxerjam is missed but at the same time it is gone.
    Most of the favorite games mentioned here were provided free of charge. We are in the process of developing more games but it takes time and costs money. Todays technology may be advanced but developers, artists and content personnel have to be hired to create a game. We are solely financing our endeavors and it is taking longer than we would like. We are hoping to release our next game soon. You may have to pay a paltry sum but it will be worth it. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the update Candisse. Many people are anxious to see what that next game is. It must be nice to know what you did (and do) matters to a lot of people. I’m happy to pass the word along!

  19. I was going through a tough time in my life in 2007 – 2008. I had so many good evenings just ‘checking out’ and trying to get my scores up. There was a player named ‘slacker’ (I think) who was a grandmother.. who played really well. After a while, the game became a social thing and we would just talk about stuff. Nothing big, but… how did your day go and stuff like that…. i miss the gang. Thanks boxerjam…. it was fun while it lasted

      1. >> I keep hearing things are in the works for new and similar games so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

        indeed, the best news i’ve heard in a long time. when (thinking positive here) that happens, hopefully some can spread the word via this blog.

        best to all,


  20. Hopefully this will happen because we all miss those games very much. Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


    1. Games are in the pipeline be assured. Please understand that these things take time to develop and money to create. We are moving as quickly as circumstances and resources allow.

  21. I too am one of the minions that so BADLY miss Boxerjam, especially Strike a Match. Not only the game, but the players, Petesdaughter, oldretired bill, bakerwoman and so many more, for those forgotten names I miss you too! SIGH………………. after how long now? still in withdrawal. I have searched for a replacement game to get my brain going in the morning and nothing has compared. Praying for the new JamandCandy site.Hope to See you all there when it happens! Tlwlady p.s. Jane YES it WAS/IS DEVASTATING! It is not to strong of a statement!

  22. anyone find a site with any games like boxerjam, i know its been a year, but i am in desperite need for the games!!! those are games that my family used to play, and me and my dad used to sit on dif computers and compete, rip daddy. boxer jam was a site that brought our family together for years, and i just want it back, its like my dad is gone, and the games we shared and had such a good time with many many many nights, is gone to. i just want to enjoy it again

    1. I completely understand, Samantha. I know the former owners of Boxerjam are doing their best to recreate the games in a new environment, and when I hear more, I’ll pass along the information.

  23. It seems like all we need to bring these games back is someone with a little ingenuity. We are further advanced now with technology and these were created in the 90’s. We just need an ambitious person! I miss Strike a Match so much! 😦

    1. Hello Sarah,
      Jam and Candy, Jam of Boxerjam, are working to bring life back to the games.
      It is a very time consuming and costly effort to bring games of this sort back.
      We did not own Boxerjam when it died. So anything we may or may not bring back
      is being built from scratch with the newest technology available. You may want to try our
      first offering “Move Your Vowels” and “Move Your Vowels Español” available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.
      Thanks for your devotion to our games.

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