A new painter’s journey

May 12, 2014 — When it comes to the arts, I can hold my own in a writing class, and perhaps a digital photography class. I’m not bad with graphic arts, but don’t ask me to sing or dance — we’ll both be disappointed. Although, I may be able to handle a bit of acting thanks to a few years of high school plays and drama classes.

If you told me a year ago that my creative interests would extend to painting, I would have said it was unlikely. I can’t draw and had no experience outside of “paint by numbers”, which always turned out badly. I never liked to color within the lines.

About 10 months ago, however, I discovered painting could be relaxing and fun. I went hesitantly to my first “Painting with a Twist” party last July, where I painted “Fireflies”. The first image is my attempt, and the second is the painting we copied:


painting-twist-fireflies-27 2

Sure, my moon looks like a bowling ball, and my jar of fireflies like a cocktail shaker with some alien beings inside, but it was my first attempt, looking at it doesn’t my skin crawl, and I enjoyed creating it. It’s OK that the painting instructor (and my friends) told me I looked a little tense. The experience did bring out the type A in my personality, but I had fun. I swear.

A few months later, I stayed with the dark blue and black theme, and painted “The Park at Midnight”.

second painting

the park at midnight

It’s not quite the masterpiece I expected to create now that I had a little experience, but there is improvement, at least enough to keep me interested in learning more.

Next, I aimed for something more colorful:



This was supposed to be a partner painting; he/she would do one half, and their partner would do the other. Our group decided to go solo and paint the tree on a single canvas. Again, the word alien comes to mind when I look at my painting, but I still enjoyed the experience, and I believe I continued to improve. At least you can tell it’s a tree.

With three paintings to my credit, surely I am ready to tackle one of the masters. Yesterday, I participated in a Mother’s Day morning class where we attempted Monet’s Waterlilies.



Watercolors may be best for this painting since it’s supposed to look soft and muted. I need to be lighter with my brush stroke. My version looks different again, and I honestly don’t think this is better than my former attempts, but it was another enjoyable experience. I simply have to figure out why all of my paintings look like they came from outer space. I must have lived there in a former life.

Good or bad, I’ve become an artist, and plan to continue on the journey. I’m reasonable, if you want to make me an offer. 🙂


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