Ranking Philadelphia: A top five list


May 16, 2014 – Philadelphia is a fine place to live, work, and play, but it takes plenty of criticism from those who may not share the love. I perused through the files of www.Ranker.com to see how my fair city stacks up against others in several categories, and here is what I discovered:

5. Philadelphia is 19th out of 64 on “America’s Coolest Cities” list.
I have visited both the #1 and #2 spots (San Francisco and New York City), and agree they have a high cool factor; however, Philadelphia is just as cool and should place higher on the list. Aside from the usual attractions that offer a great history lesson, the birthplace of America features the unusual, too. The Mutter Museum, for example, highlights a history of medicine and an interesting display of medical oddities, and Eastern State Penitentiary, the country’s first modern penitentiary may not be active – it closed in 1971 – but it is open to visitors, and it plays a huge factor in the city’s Halloween fun every year. Laurel Hill Cemetery in East Falls, the National Historic Landmark and the resting place of Titanic passengers and Civil War generals, is another must see. Additionally, filmmaker David Lynch lived in Philly in the 60s and 70s, and shot his epic “Eraserhead” here, which had a huge impact on the city. Sections of Fairmount, where he lived and filmed, are known as Eraserhood.

4. Philadelphia is 5th out of 28 of the “Best Food Cities” in the U.S.
New York, Chicago, New Orleans, and Kansas City may come before Philadelphia on this list, but #5 is respectable for the City of Brotherly Love when it comes to the best food. With several establishments from premier restaurateur Stephen Starr scattered throughout the city, Philly can hold its own in the elite and trendy restaurant category. Whether you want to grab a quick bite at the swanky Continental with two locations in center city, a cheesesteak at Tony Luke’s in South Philly, or sit down and linger over a fabulous meal at Buddakan, the city has a place for everyone. Better yet, visit Citizens Bank Park. Philly’s baseball yard was recently given the honor of the best ballpark food in the country.

3. Philadelphia is 14th out of 25 on the “Most Intelligent Cities” list.
Quite a ridiculous ranking, if you ask me. Seattle and Minneapolis are nos. 1 and 2; I have visited both cities, live in Philadelphia, and I never noticed a difference. If anything, it rains nine months out of the year in Seattle, and it is bitter cold in the winter in Minneapolis which also lasts about nine months, so resident don’t seem very intelligent living in those climates. If the rankers are basing this on top universities located in these cities, I challenge them to name one more prestigious than The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League presence located in the heart of downtown Philadelphia. Go ahead, I dare you!

2. Philadelphia is 5th out of 14 on the “Famous Firsts in U.S. Cities”.
Cincinnati and New York City are nos. 1 and 2 for their famous firsts of ambulance services and aquariums. Philadelphia falls in at #5, which again is respectable, but when you realize that our famous first is the computer, you will likely agree we belong higher in the ranking. Sure, ambulance services are important, and aquariums are nice, but considering most homes have at least one computer and the work force could not exist without them, the computer and Philadelphia should easily take that #2 spot.

1. Philadelphia is #1 of the 27 cities with the “Worst Sports Fans”.
The city has the lazy sports media to thank for this absurd ranking, since they keep the stories alive by consistently referring to throwing snowballs at Santa in 1968, and other exaggerated occurrences. Bottom line, Philadelphia is a great sports city with passionate fans who may exercise their right to boo, but Philly is the seat of our country’s democracy, so our rights are important. Ironically, Philadelphia also lists #7 out of 30 on the cities with the “Best Sports Fans” list. I think we belong higher up on that list, too.

View the complete lists at http://www.ranker.com/review/philadelphia/1792338.



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  1. Fun blog! Regarding the sports ranking, it is also the national media that likes to keep that idea alive.

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