Nobody does it better

imagesJune 25, 2014 – Happy birthday to singer/songwriter Carly Simon, who turns 69 today.

The daughter of Simon & Schuster founder Richard Simon is one of the most prolific artists of our time, with her career spanning 50 years. In 1964, she began performing as a folk duo with her sister Lucy. Ever since, she’s found a way to entertain with her own style.

Throughout her career, Carly has shared her talent with people of all ages, writing books for children, and an opera, along with the popular songs that have kept her on the music charts for decades, providing the soundtrack for my life. I adore most of the songs in her mammoth collection, but lately, I am drawn to the music she’s created with other artists, where she highlights her amazing harmonies.

Here she is singing with David Crosby and Jimmy Web at a 2000 “Tribute to Brian Wilson”, singing “In My Room”. Crosby and Web aren’t too shabby either.

To learn more about Carly and her amazing career, I highly recommend two great books. The first “More Room in a Broken Heart: The True Adventures of Carly Simon”, was written by music journalist Stephen Davis. It is an unauthorized biography, and Carly has stated that Davis does not have his facts straight, but I found it to be an interesting read.

The second book, written by Sheila Weller, is “Girls Like Us: Carol King, Joni  Mitchell, Carly Simon – And the Journey of a Generation”, was written with Simon’s cooperation, plus it includes compelling stories about my second favorite female singer/songwriter, Joni Mitchell.


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