The twisted side of Philadelphia

Grim-Philly-Twilight-Tours_0August 4, 2014 — Looking for something a little different to do when the weekend rolls around again? You’ll find plenty of options in Philadelphia, and with a tour group known as Grimm Philly Twilight Tours, you’ll be sure it’s different than the expected.

The company caters to fans of the supernatural, and offers a variety of activities that include walking ghost tours and cruises. Here’s a small sample of what they offer:

Obsessed with ghosts and vampires? Then the Maiden Tour — voted the best in Philadelphia — is for you. The tour offers an array of sites and frights, but be warned that this guided walking tour is R-Rated, so leave the kids and the faint of heart at home. Walkers will visit  about two dozen sites and recount haunting stories of the City Tavern, pirate ghost ships, and much more. The tour departs from the Independence Visitors Center through December.

Fascinated by cemeteries and the history of bootlegging? You’ll likely be entertained by The Cemetery, Serial Killers, Blood & Beer Tour where you’ll learn about grave robbers, psychopathic killers, and bootleggers in this Grim Philly Walk through some of the best watering holes and national icons. It’s a great way to discover the seedy side of our beloved city. The tour departs on Saturday and Sundays through November from the Independence Visitor’s Center.

If cruising the river while enjoying a cocktail or two floats your boat, the Grim Philly Ghost Ship combines a pleasant sail with gritty tales of the supernatural, and is a must anyone who loves searching for ghosts. You’ll hear about legends of pirate ghouls  such as Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and other pirate ghosts, and the area’s own Jersey Devil on this uncensored cruise. Grim guides include a great mix of professors and authors who teach and write about these legends as part of their day job, so they’re in the know, plus you get to sail aboard a 1920’s replica commuter yacht. Cruises begin this fall and depart from Penn’s Landing at 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings.

All of these tours sound like a grand time, and the tour company offers much more on their website.


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