Summer bucket list

2013-08-20.before-summer-endsAugust 20, 2014 – Halloween decorations are everywhere, and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The cooler temperatures this summer seemed to accelerate the speed of how fast nature and retailers want us to move from one season the next, but make no mistake about it, we still have four weeks left to enjoy summer.

Here are 10 things that celebrate the best of summer that you can squeeze in before there is frost on the pumpkin.

10. Host a luau. Tomorrow (August 21) marks the day Hawaii was admitted to the U.S. as our 50th state. While it would be great to honor the anniversary with a visit to the Aloha State, the next best thing – and the more practical solution —  is to throw a party. You can even wear a coconut bra if you can get away with such things.

9. Enjoy golf and tennis. If you’re a fan of watching golf and tennis on television, this time of year is your Christmas morning. The PGA Championship is in full force, and the U.S. Open is about to get underway. If you’re more adventurous, hit the course or the courts and play for real.

8. Go to a fair. Did you know August was State Fair Season? Check out this link to view the Pennsylvania State Fair schedule, or this one for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, which can be just as fun.

7. Eat a peach. August is Peach Month in Pennsylvania, and Linvilla Orchards is celebrating with its annual Peach Festival. Pick your own bushel of peaches at the orchards and stroll the lovely grounds located on Knowlton Road, in Media, Pa. If you’re not local, a quick Internet search will help you find the orchard or farm nearest you.

6. Host a barbecue or block party. Some of my fondest memories as a kid involved neighborhood barbecues and block parties. Invite the neighbors and have a blast. And if there’s no time to get a permit to block off your street, a car at the beginning and end of a block turned sideways, and with its hood lifted is a fine deterrent for traffic. 

5. Build a sandcastle. Even if you can’t get to the beach for a week or even a weekend, people in the Delaware Valley area are close enough to New Jersey’s beaches to make it a day trip. If not, head to the nearest shore town, lake, or sandbox.

4. Enjoy fresh ice cream. If you want the best ice cream go to the source, the nearest dairy farm. Check out the Internet to find the local dairy farm near you. Those in the Philadelphia area, follow this link to discover a variety of choices.

3. Catch (and then release) fireflies. There’s no better way to feel like a kid again than participate in this fun summer activity after the sun goes down. This is the kinder, gentler version.

2. Go berry picking. Places to pick berries are easy to find on the Internet. In the Philadelphia are, here are several places that will do nicely. Upon your return home, make a tasty and healthy smoothie and enjoy!

1. Treat yourself to a pedicure. While you’re still wearing sandals, that is. Be sure to select a peachy hue in honor of Pennsylvania’s Peach Month.

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