See you at the beach

September 15, 2014 — For the past 12 years, my family has gathered at a New Jersey beach on a Saturday in September to honor two uncles who have passed. The weather is usually spectacular, but if the rain clouds try to dampen our day as they did on Saturday, we meet anyway because it’s tradition. This year, a four-legged friend joined us, too.


Perhaps the words of my cousin say it best:

“Although your physical presence is out of reach,
that will never stop us from meeting at the beach.
In loving memory of all the lives you’ve touched,
our time moves on and you’re missed so much.
We gather together to enjoy each other,
Mothers, sons, sisters and brothers.
Aunts, uncles, and cousins too,
this day is set to celebrate you.
So let us continue our journey to the beach,
until that day we rest in peace.”

– Tom Wolfinger

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