America’s oldest seaside resort

September 29, 2014 — At the southern most tip of New Jersey sits Cape May, the nation’s oldest seashore resort. The city is designated a national historic landmark due to the number of Victorian houses built there, many of which have turned into bed & breakfast destinations and quaint inns.

While vacationing there last week, I took a walk through the historic district and captured these images.

Congress Hall is a landmark that has provided generations with a seaside escape year after year. The hotel first opened its doors in 1816.

congress hall

congress hall 2

The jewel of all the inns is said to be the “Mainstay”, according to the Washington Post. The structure was built in 1872 and provides “pleasant accomodations” with 12 rooms and suites, three parlors, and rocker filled porches.

mainstay inn

mainstay inn 2

Private homes also populate the historic district.

private home 2

private home 3

private home 4


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