Halloween Moons

October 31, 2014“Eat, drink and be scary.” – Unknown

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There’s nothing wrong with sexy, but leave the slutty at home this Halloween

sexy-halloween-witchOctober 30, 2014Only one more day until ghosts, goblins, vampires, and witches get to freely roam the streets. Not to mention slutty nurses, maids, cops, hamburgers, Chinese take out containers, and anything else marketers can conjure up with as little material as possible and call it a Halloween costume. The craziest costume I spotted this year – a slutty Ebola hazmat suit. At least the slut craze keeps up with the headline news.

Slutty dressing wasn’t the fad when I was in my teens and twenties, although it seems like it has been around forever, and that it gets worse every year. A Google search shows that the craze began with the Halloween parades in Greenwich Village  in the 1970s, since many gay men enjoy dressing in flashy costumers. That doesn’t, however, explain why it took such a huge swing past flamboyant and turned young women walking the streets on Halloween into actual street walkers.

Halloween’s origin goes back to a pagan ritual celebrated by Celtics 2,000 years ago when they believed that the dead could walk among the living during the harvest season. That doesn’t sound very slutty, does it? The dead walking among the living evokes images of zombies, not hookers. Years later in Europe, it became a tradition to walk throughout the town and ask for sweet treats referred to as soul cakes in exchange for prayers. After that, it became an American tradition for kids in the early part of the 20th century, most likely because of our dense Irish population, to go door to door asking for treats. Neither of these events encourages scantily clad dressing, either.

Sure, advertising executives say sex sells, and many times in that world females are treated as sexual objects. Choosing to buy these costumes year after year only adds to the problem.

Even the media encourages it. A radio station Philadelphia (WMMR), is holding a contest tomorrow that encourages women to come to their studio dressed slutty. Yes, that’s right. They didn’t ask for sexy, they asked for slutty, which is why I have an issue with it. The sluttiest costume will win its owner $500. I suppose that’s the going rate these days, whether it’s for 15 minutes of fame, or 15 minutes in the back seat of a car. We are the society, after all, that romanticized the movie “Pretty Woman”, about a prostitute who falls for a wealthy man, and refers to it of the greatest love stories of all time.

Ladies, it’s time to ditch those crude costumes and opt for something else. You can still do sexy — although I don’t equate Halloween with sexy either — but leave the slutty at home.

The greatest horror films of all time

Halloween-2014-5October 24, 2014Halloween is only a week away, so there’s no better time to review a Ranker.com list of the greatest horror films ever made. Do you agree with #1? The greatest horror book for sure, but not greatest horror film.

That’s why I agree with this list from litreactor.com on the 10 scariest books ever written.

This is the perfect weekend to watch or read one of these classics, and get your fright on.