The greatest horror films of all time

Halloween-2014-5October 24, 2014Halloween is only a week away, so there’s no better time to review a list of the greatest horror films ever made. Do you agree with #1? The greatest horror book for sure, but not greatest horror film.

That’s why I agree with this list from on the 10 scariest books ever written.

This is the perfect weekend to watch or read one of these classics, and get your fright on.


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2 thoughts on “The greatest horror films of all time”

  1. The movie Halloween scared the daylights out of me, even more so than The Shining did. I never saw The Exorcist and never will. The book Salem’s Lot gave me nightmares.

  2. I remember seeing the Exorcist, even after Mom warned me not to, and it scared me. But the Omen cared me more. While I think The Shining was the scariest book, Salem’s Lot was up there, and so was Pet Cemetery. Stephen King is the master!

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