November is all about the photograph – Photography 101 – Day 1

November 3, 2014 – It’s November again, the month that challenges you to complete a novel in 30 days with National Novel Writing Month, blog every day with WordPress and their blog challenge, National Blog Post Month, or grow a moustache to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health with Movember.

All are worthy causes, if you’re a writer or a man who can grow a moustache, but I learned the hard way that NaNoWriMo is not for me. Neither is NaBloPoMo since there isn’t time for me to blog every day in November. And while the moustache awareness campaign is for a great cause, I’m genetically unable to grow one that would qualify.

However, there is one challenge I accepted that begins today – Photography 101 through WordPress. Expect more photos and fewer words this month, which I’ve been practicing anyway through most of October given it’s been a spectacular autumn in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Beginning today, I’ll receive a daily challenge, an assignment if you will, along with some tips aimed to make me a better photographer. Today’s assignment: Home.

The eternal "home" for the bodies buried beneath
The eternal “home” for the bodies buried beneath. It’s the home they’ll live the longest in on earth.

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12 thoughts on “November is all about the photograph – Photography 101 – Day 1”

    1. Thanks. Truthfully, it’s the season and not the photographer that made this photo what it is. I haven’t had my camera off of “auto” yet and I have so much to learn, but I’m having fun!

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