A few thoughts after last night’s Oscars

February 23, 2014 — Last night’s Oscars weren’t among the best, but that’s most likely that’s because I only saw two movies leading up to the big event — Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Being prepared with my list of favorite performances and movies always helps me enjoy it more. Still, there were a few enjoyable moments:

  • Although the song from Selma was touching, the theme to The Lego Movie was catchy. I sang “Everything is Awesome” for the rest of the night and part of this morning, too.
  • Lady Gaga’s performance was great. I’m not familiar with her music, but she proved her vocal chops last night, and that when she’s not wearing clothing made out of meat, she’s pretty appealing.
  • The many Oscars given to The Grand Budapest Hotel had me jumping for joy. The clever and creative film did have the best costumes, scenery and make up by far.

There were also moments that had me scratching my head:

  • Neil Patrick Harris coming out in his underwear had me stumped, and I wasn’t impressed with him overall. This morning, I heard that the underwear thing had to do with Birdman. In years past, I would have known that because I would have seen Birdman.
  • Boyhood not winning Best Picture or Best Director was a not so nice surprise. Being one of the two movies I saw, I was cheering for it all the way. At least Patricia Arquette took home the Best Supporting Actress for her performance.
  • And speaking of Arquette, her fired up feminist speech had me confused. She said, “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” I agree with the wage equality, but also know that’s nearly impossible between any two workers in the same positions, male or female. Wages depend on so many factors, such as experience, performance, and ability to negotiate raises and bonuses. The latter is a huge factor. And I’m totally missing the equal rights part. What rights don’t I have? Please tell me so I can do something about it now! The bottom line is that I’m not a big fan when politics crosses entertainment.

That’s it for another year, folks. It’s time put the feather boa and tiara away until next February, and hope I do better catching the nominees in 2015.


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2 thoughts on “A few thoughts after last night’s Oscars”

  1. Jane, I saw more Oscar nominated movies than you!!! Amazing. I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, Birdman and The Imitation Game (the latter two on Saturday and Sunday respectively, as Rex and I always go to see Oscar nominated movies on Oscar weekend). I did not enjoy the Oscars so mush and I AGREE with you with the Arquette speech….I said “women HAVE equal rights” and also made some of your points on the wage differential in a comments section of a WaPo article and was met with some nasty replies. Anyway, Birdman to me was a well-done and well acted movie, but not my cup of tea. I can see why people loved it but I also think it won because Hollywood loves itself. The Imitation Game was a very good movie but not in the same realm as previous Oscar winners. My two cents. My very non-expert two cents.

    1. Yes you did see more than me! You’re probably right about Birdman. Hollywood does love itself…hence all the award shows. I simply have no desire to see Birdman…

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