The 15 Post Challenge

bloggingtipsOctober 27, 2015 – I’ll admit it. It’s been difficult for me to stick to a steady blogging schedule this year, and now that we’re zeroing in on November and the year will be over soon, I’m finally ready to confront the demons.

I could tell you that 2015 has been particularly difficult for me and there were plenty of distractions, but that’s an excuse. Sure, I’ve found ways to compensate by filling several months with chapters of a novel I already had written. Technically, that wasn’t cheating because I had written it, but it sort of felt like cheating because it wasn’t new. I’ve also filled posts with lots of photos. I tend to go particularly snap happy in autumn.

While paging through my archives this weekend looking for inspiration, I discovered that on November 11, 2015 this blog will be five years old. When I checked to see how many posts I actually produced, I was stunned. I had written 985!

Suddenly I found my inspiration. How cool would it be if I could accomplish 1,000 posts by November 11? That’s only 15 more posts over the next 16 days.

Stay tuned, it could be a bumpy ride.


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