Election Day

thNovember 3, 2015 – In honor of Election Day, here are five things you should know about the midterm elections, according to USA Today.

Of course, the BIG election isn’t until November 2016 here in the U.S., leaving us all with 364 more days to relish in the poor behavior of debate moderators and candidates from both sides. It’s exhausting!

Who’s with me in believing that candidates should only be permitted to run political campaigns for a specified time before the election? They are too long and expensive, not to mention ridiculous with all of the negative campaigns run by most candidates.

Perhaps we should take into consideration the campaign habits in other countries; in the UK, for example, a political campaign runs for approximately four to six weeks. That’s it. Even if we lengthen it to six months, it would be a major improvement. That’s definitely the appropriate amount of time to select a candidate.

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