cupcakeDecember 9, 2015 – I was 21 when my parents helped me buy my first (used) car by giving me a small loan. I promised to pay them back with a portion of my mediocre paycheck each week.

On my birthday that year, with a good amount of that debt still owed, they gave me a card and inside it my Mom wrote, “Your debt is forgiven. Love, Mom and Dad.”

My parents have always been generous with birthday and Christmas gifts through the years, and it was just like them to do something like that. Still, that particular birthday card has always been the most memorable.

Fast forward more than 30 years later, and upon celebrating my birthday with family over the weekend, I received another memorable card. This time it was signed simply, “Happy birthday. Love, Dad.”

It was a beautiful card addressed to “A Special Daughter” and in many ways, similar to cards I had received in the past – with one huge exception. It was the first card I received that wasn’t from Mom, too.

My Mom passed away a year ago in January, so there have been a lot of firsts without her in 2015, for my family and me. It’s fitting that today I think of her because she had a leading role in my first birthday and each thereafter.

This is long over due, but thanks for the birthday, Mom. This is your celebration too.




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