Lost in the world of acronyms

acronyms1January 22, 2016 – One of the difficult things about starting a new job is getting used to the acronyms that come along with it. Aside from social media, there is no place on earth where acronyms are more widely used than in the workplace, as this clip from the hilarious movie “Office Space” illustrates.

I started a new job last week, and immediately began scribbling various acronyms in my notebook as soon as I came across them. However, instead of searching for them on the company intranet or asking a colleague, I decided to have a little fun and create my own definitions. I’m going to try to work the one listed below into various business situations and see what happens…

TSA – It’s short for Tax Sheltered Accounts, but I see Totally Shitty Attitude when I look at it. That’s something everyone suffers from on occasion, so there should be an acronym for it!


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