A new take on an old favorite

logoJanuary 29, 2016
 – Were you a fan of the online games that once appeared on Boxerjam.com?

If the answer is yes, have I got news for you!

There’s a new game coming soon to jamandcandy.com that’s bound to put a smile on your face. It’s reminiscent of an old, comfortable favorite, and I like to think that the readers of this blog and and their comments had something to do with bringing it back. Here’s the scoop:

Two years ago, I stumbled upon the news that my favorite online game site, Boxerjam, had shut down after an issue with its servers. I grumbled about it on this blog not once but twice and a lot of Boxerjam fans reached out to commiserate with me through their comments.

One comment came from Candisse Reynolds, a member of the team instrumental for bringing Boxerjam to life:

“The creators of the games on Boxerjam have started anew and are developing mobile application games for phones and tablets,” she wrote.

move your vowelsWe began emailing and Candisse explained that the site, www.jamandcandy.com, is a partnership between Julann Griffin, Maureen Roberts, and herself. The three partners also made up the J-A-M in Boxerjam. Their new venture is cleverly named in a similar fashion, keeping the Jam (the first initials of Julann and Maureen), and adding Candy (a shorted version of Candisse).

When I first checked out the site, the only game available – and I don’t remember its name – didn’t hold my interest. Yet something told me that with the variety of games once available on Boxerjam, this talented team could offer more than blowing up a balloon without trying to pop it. I just had to be patient while they got the new project off the ground.

Shortly after, they introduced the game, Move Your Vowels. It looked like it had potential, but playing a game on a mobile phone isn’t my thing and I don’t have a tablet. I’d rather play on a website or through Facebook, but it wasn’t available that way. Before I logged off though, I noticed a message promising new games would be coming soon. This team had struck gold before with Boxerjam, so I wanted to believe they could do it again, and I wanted to believe they could recreate my favorite.

ComprehendeUFast forward a year and a half, and Candisse contacted me again (earlier this week) to ask if I would try a new game called Kissin Kuzzins. She sent me a test link that allowed me to play the game through Facebook, which is a huge improvement over playing on my mobile phone. She offered no further explanation, but when I clicked on the link, I quickly realized that Kissin Kuzzins was a word association game with three different and challenging rounds. Sound familiar yet? I became hooked immediately and played the game with the biggest grin on my face. Dare I say it brought back fond memories of another word association game that shall remain nameless?

“We have gone to great effort to give everyone what they’ve been crying for,” Candisse said when I wrote her back to tell her I loved it. It’s obvious she pikadid take all of the comments left on this blog seriously. “We’re hoping this revival will help with our revival (of www.jamandcandy.com).”

Candisse also let me in on a little secret. The precursor to Kissin Kuzzins, the original game that shall not be mentioned here, but come on, you know it and love it, was originally intended for television. Her partner, Julann Griffin and the J in Jam, was the co-creator of Jeopardy. A pilot was made for the game but it never aired. When the Internet boom struck all those years ago, that game became the first one offered on AOL, so it had been around for quite some time before I got hooked in 1999 .

I enjoyed Kissin Kuzzins and that nostalgic feeling it gave me so much that I’ve decided to give the other games on www.jamandcandy a look. Why not do the same, check out the updated site and give Move Your Vowels, Comprehende U and Piki Paka a try? Post your comments here and let me know what you think.

Kissin Kuzzins should be available by the end of March. Perhaps sooner. Start the countdown now and brace yourself for its reveal. You won’t be disappointed!

25 thoughts on “A new take on an old favorite

    1. I’m really not, Patti, but I totally loved the old boxerjam games.They play more like game shows on TV and they were fun! I’m happy they are bringing the site back in a new form.

  1. Hey, Jane! Thank you so much for reaching out to me by email about this wonderful news. I look forward to seeing you in the new version of an old game SOON. Like you, I do not have a smartphone nor do i play on a tablet…my good ol’ PC is still my thing. I hate all those game apps that are replacing our tried and true versions. (For example, I am really upset that I can no longer play Word with friends because I don’t use the smartphone/tablet.

  2. Just checked out the Jam and Candy site…not much there yet…but I’m hopeful. I’d love to be updated if anything new comes out. Thanks again.

    1. I definitely will keep you posted, Inca. It’s not going to happen overnight, but the team is trying to be as accommodating as possible. Just a side note, Facebook is a good way to be able to play games like Words with Friends on your PC.

  3. I too thank you for emailing me. My heart is a flutter with the thought of a successor to the game that shall not be named that I miss so dearly. I played for over 10 years. I also would prefer to be able to play on my computer. I hope you don’t have to go through Facebook. I do not Facebook. Sure would be great to reunite with old friends from boxerjam.Hello to all who might be following this from Tlwlady!

    1. Not really sure exactly, Kelly. The team explained that when the servers failed they lost all the content. Apparently only half the team went on to start anew, so they don’t completely own the rights to all of the old content. That’s how I understand it.

  4. Hi Jane,
    I am so happy to have stumbled upon your news! I too, was a SAM lover. I look forward to being able to play again soon. I did just check out the site and it looks like they’re working on getting Kissin Kuzzins up and running soon. I can’t wait! Thanks for your persistence! 🙂

  5. It’s here! Kissin Kuzzins! I got for my phone at the app store. Web site says there will be a web version soon…..I just played 3 games on my phone. I’ve been waiting forever for this!!!

    1. Hi, it’s available for the iphone/smartphone through the app store under games > Kissin’ Kuzzins. It will soon be available for the web as well.

      1. I’m not sure about multiplayer, but I do know it will be available online soon. Right now, it is only available for smartphones.

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