My Funny Valentine

loveFebruary 12, 2016—Is it wrong to say that I’m in love with my Netflix subscription? It’s all I need for Valentine’s Day because it makes me laugh and it is very good to me.

Not only is Netflix a great investment emotionally, it also performs well. As one of the FANG stocks as it is known in investor circles (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google), Netflix paid some of the highest returns in 2015.

Netflix is also generous and showers me with gifts. I receive plenty of commercial free, quality entertainment for a small price on my part. If it wasn’t for a few series I follow on premium channels—yes, I’m cheating—I’d be tempted to pull the plug on cable altogether. But a girl has to keep her options open.

Here is a sampling of returning series that I look forward to in the coming months:

House of Cards (Season 4) – March 11
I am anxious to see what’s ahead for Frank Underwood and the rest of the gang in this tense and sometimes comical look at the Washington D.C. political scene. With the events of this year’s actual presidential election, however, truth is stranger than fiction.

Orange is the New Black (Season 4) – June 17
I have a love hate relationship with this comedy drama that takes place in a women’s federal prison. I like it and then I don’t, but after three seasons, I’m committed and faithful until the end. And Netflix doesn’t accuse me of being fickle or say that I can’t be pleased!

Bloodline (Season 2) – Mid 2016
Family dramas about the prodigal son returning home may seem cliché’, but the stellar cast and top-notch writing keeps this one original. The final episode of season one surprised and shocked me, so I can’t wait to see what happens. Netflix is mysterious enough to keep me guessing.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the variety of programs available in the Netflix library. Still, Netflix gives me the space when I need it. The programs are there when I need them, complete and ready to go and my terms. I simply need to make the commitment.

And Netflix is continuously adding new original series and movies, so our connection stays fresh. There is always something to look forward to. As a Gilmore Girls fan, for example, I’m am happy that Netflix has brought the series back for four 90 minute episodes. I’m also curious to see how Fuller House plays out because it makes me nostalgic, and I’m looking forward to Pee Wee’s Big Holiday. How can Paul Reubens still look the same after nearly 30 years?

Perhaps now you see why Netflix is the perfect relationship.

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