Revisiting the war on women

imagesApril 15, 2016 — It’s back. That clever marketing ploy—the war on women—has returned to the headlines thanks to this week’s Equal Pay Day holiday and Hillary Clinton.

Not only is the perceived war demeaning, but also instead of empowering women, it makes them appear dependent. If Clinton wins her party’s nomination, we’re likely to hear more about it over the next several months while she campaigns as if she’s the original suffragist.

Here are a few of the battles we’re supposedly fighting:

Sexual assault on women
While a noble and legitimate cause, if you’re expecting support from Clinton, you might be looking in the wrong direction. She singlehandedly orchestrated investigations on the women who accused her husband, former President Bill Clinton of sexual crimes, and then later said, “Sexual assault accusers must be heard, believed and supported.” Clinton was in a sticky position for sure, and her husband’s behavior is not her fault. However, she knew about his past indiscretions, yet she tried to discredit the women who claimed they were sexually assaulted.

The right to choose
It is doubtful that Roe v. Wade will be overturned anytime soon, if ever, and both parties understand that. It was clear when democrats and republicans defended women and blasted Donald Trump after he stated that women who have abortions should be punished if he overturned Roe v. Wade.

No matter how you feel about abortion, it is legal. We have every right to protest against it for religious or ethical reasons should we desire, but as long as it is the law, it is a woman’s right to choose. As someone who is pro-life, my personal decision, I cannot demand that others live with the same beliefs. My decision comes from a spiritual place. I believe all life has a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. I know it sounds simplistic, and not everything is black and white with this issue. But it’s how I feel and I won’t judge anyone who believes differently.

Birth control
In the staged the “War on Women”, somehow this issue became a battle, too. Democrats accused republicans of trying to end insurance coverage for birth control in the last presidential election, when in reality, they wanted to stop the government from requiring employers to cover birth control at no cost to employees. That is a huge difference. Demanding that birth control gets distributed free, or forcing religious employers to offer it at a discounted price when is against their doctrine, is not something the government should do. Fighting for this slanted cause is not honorable; it is just another way to control women and make them dependent.

Equal pay
Equal pay for men and women was a major topic in the last election when President Obama sought re-election and campaigned that women are paid only 77 percent of what men are paid. We can all agree this is unfair, yet it is difficult to sort through what is fact and what is fiction. If someone can show me what statistics these claims are based on, I’d be grateful. What I do know is that we have fair pay laws in place, which may not have completely leveled the playing field, but they improved it.

There’s also a lot to be taken into consideration when determining pay. Experience, tenure, job performance and type of job or industry, are just a few. There are women do the same job as other women at the same workplace who are not paid the same. The same goes for men. Research also indicates that men are better at negotiating salaries than women are, and that’s an enormous factor. Unless the government can mandate salaries that take into consideration the exact experience, tenure, job performance and more, complete equality across pay scales is a daydream.

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