The first place Phils?

downloadMay 20, 2016 – Yes, that is correct and the title doesn’t need a question mark. For a few hours on Wednesday, the Philadelphia Phillies tied the Washington Nationals for first place in the National League East, surprising many baseball fans – including me.

After the Phillies’ abysmal record these past few years, and the prediction they’d come in last again this year, it is surprising. Yet, this talented young team believes they can win. According to, here are five reasons why the Phillies are playing so well.

By last night, the Phillies sat alone in second place after a day off yesterday and two Nationals wins, but only a respectable one game behind.

Philadelphia should be proud of this team; they have defied the odds and proved they are contenders, which is something they weren’t supposed to do until next year or the year after. Still, most fans don’t expect playoff baseball in Philadelphia this year, but we’d be thrilled if it happened.

My prediction for this summer – Phillies games will be heard again on the New Jersey beaches and front porches throughout the area announced by the greatest radio play-by-play and color duo ever, Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen. If that’s as good as it gets this year, I’m good. It’s a step in the right direction with the promise of a much brighter future ahead.


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