Another chance with an old friend

May 27, 2016 – I love sharing good news!


In January, I helped spread the word about a new game that would be available soon from, the new game team behind the old game site, Boxerjam.

Kissin Kuzzins’ is reminiscent of a particular word matching game that many fans missed terribly when it disappeared. The game rolled out in mid-May for mobile phones and tablets, and is available through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone and play every chance I get.

Ready for more good news? The jamandcandy team plans to roll out Kissin Kuzzins’ on Facebook in the near future, for those who’d rather play on a laptop or desktop.

As the tagline claims, “Playing Kissin Kuzzins’ is like catching up with an old friend.” Download it onto your mobile or tablet and strike up a match today!


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