Summer Sounds

sounds of summerSeptember 2, 2016Today marks the beginning of the Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer.

I have to venture back to childhood to remember what I miss most about summer once it’s gone, since adults rarely get to experience it the way a child does. Summer seemed endless back then, with each day passing slowly, some feeling like an entire year.

As a child, how summer sounded is the easiest to recall. Here’s what I remember from the two places where I spent the most time:

The Jersey shore…
• Echoes of seagulls (and the smell of Coppertone).
• Vendors walking along the beach selling “Fudgy Wudgies” and newspapers.
• “Watch the Tram-car please,” on the Wildwood boardwalk.
• Rock music playing by the amusement piers.
• Announcements of lost kids on the boardwalk.

The old neighborhood…
• Big Wheels racing down the street.
• Hucksters peddling “Jersey tomatoes.”
• Mister Softee or Good Humor trucks.
• Crickets on a hot night.
• Baseball games playing on transistor radios.

It’s hard to say goodbye to summer, but there’s plenty to love about autumn to take away the sting. It makes me smile to think that the sounds of fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet, the crackle of a fireplace and fans cheering at football games are close behind.


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