‘Tis the Season

Hollywood movie red carpet background and city
Hollywood movie red carpet background and city

January 6, 2017 – Hollywood award season kicks off Sunday night, honoring the best performances of 2016.

While I don’t get caught up in celebrity gossip, read trashy rags, consider myself edgy enough to enjoy TMZ, and despise it when celebrities spew forth their political views, I do get weak in the knees over the Golden Globe, the Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Awards. It may seem trivial when you consider everything happening in the world, but we all need an escape – and mine is the movies.

Just like the actual holiday season, however, this award season snuck up on me, leaving me unprepared. I haven’t seen any of the nominated films for 2016 because I’ve spent more entertainment time with my Netflix subscription than visiting theaters.

My saving grace – the season begins with the Golden Globes, which recognizes excellence in both film and television, so I have it half covered. I still have time to redeem myself before the Academy Awards on February 26, when I hope to be worthy to celebrate the film industry in style.

Looks like I’ll be spending the rest of January and most of February at the movies.


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