Covering current events, sports, pop culture, writing and anything else that inspires me.

Perhaps I should share a little about myself. The best way to accomplish that may be to view myself through the eyes of the people in my life who see me as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin and even an ex-wife. These are some of the titles I’ve earned so far.

You should also know that I’ve also been called an assortment names throughout my life – some nice, some naughty, and possibly all of them deserved.

While these titles and names explain who I am, if you ask me to describe myself, I would add one important thing. I am a writer. I’ve spent over 20 years writing nonfiction for corporate America and fiction to satisfy my imagination with the hopes of making it to the bookshelves.

A girl can dream.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Janie!!! Bravo….Love the BLOG…already becoming a daily routine to check your entry of the day. Happy CHRISTmas Season to You!! Love you, Sharon

    • Thanks, Sharon. I’m having fun with it and it makes me write everyday, which is good because I’m still not working. Three interviews this week and next though!!

      Love you too!

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  3. I share your sorrow about Boxerjam and in particular Strike a Match. Will miss this game which I often shared with my brightest high school students who also enjoyed it.

  4. I do not want my bank account charged for this blog. Please remove me from this blog. I would like to see the information you received where I gave you permission to use my banking information and the banking account numbers.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      This is a free blog, and I have never charged anyone for reading it. If this is happening, I would contact my bank right away and see where the charges are coming from. They are not from me, I assure you.

      Good luck!

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