Do we need a little Christmas?

we-need-a-little-christmasNovember 23, 2015 – Pope Francis shared an opinion last week that may make some of us want to cry into our figgy pudding.

“Christmas festivities will seem empty in a world which has chosen war and hate,” he said. “Christmas is a charade this year because the whole world is at war.”

Of course, he’s not saying that Christmas is a charade in the religious sense, but rather because we celebrate the season and sing songs about joy and peace. That may seem a bit hypocritical considering the violence of the last few weeks and cries of hatred and racism around our country and the world. No doubt, it is a terrible time in history.

Pope Francis seems like a kind man who speaks from his heart. He earned the title the people’s Pope because he is filled with empathy for every citizen on this planet. Someone who is as sensitive and as caring as he seems could easily believe it is wrong to partake in the season’s festivities. It brings to mind something I think of often, that a mother is only as happy as her most unhappy child. I can relate to that.

Still, tragedy at Christmas isn’t anything new. As long as humans have existed there has been violence, war and tragedy both natural and man-made. Yet, we have always celebrated Christmas because it symbolizes hope. Without sounding too much like a Hallmark movie, we need all the hope we can get, and we need that special feeling only Christmas can bring.

There will always be tragedy and violence in the world because there has never been peace on earth. Call me shallow, but I for one need Christmas to help me believe that some day there will be.