Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

August 10, 2018 – This week’s photo challenge is details.

Four gargoyles, three stone panels, two clock faces and one Billy Penn on top of City Hall…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

February 2, 2018 — This week’s photo challenge is “Beloved“.

When I think of what is beloved in my life, my son comes to mind. However, he doesn’t care for getting his photo taken, so it’s rare that I capture him with the camera.

But I also love Philadelphia. This is especially true now since the Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl this weekend, and there are many stories circulating the media — mostly exaggerated — that Philly is a trashy city filled with subhuman fans. That’s not the city that I know and love…

Philadelphia’s majestic City Hall.
The top of Independence Hall on a clear day.
Downtown’s skyline.
Philly’s Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest residential street in the country.
The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Christmas on the Block

December 18, 2017 – Nothing says it’s Christmastime like Alan Mann’s Christmas on the Block.

If you’re a Philadelphian who listened to WMMR in the 1980’s, you’re probably familiar with this song and love it as much as I do. If not, listen to it below and I dare you to not become enchanted.

Alan Mann was a local singer/songwriter who played clubs in Philly during era of The Hooters and Robert Hazard. Sadly he died in 1987 after jumping out of his South Street apartment window to escape a fire inside the building. His legacy, a touching tribute to a Philadelphia home for the blind in the Overbrook section that decorated their house with Christmas lights for their neighbors, thankfully lives on.

Legend has it that it was the first music video from an independent artist to be shown on MTV, and we have Yoko Ono to thank for that. She heard the song and loved it, believing it sounded like something John Lennon would’ve written.

Merry Christmas!