The Best Cities for Young Professionals

May 1, 2017 — A friend of mine is contemplating a move to California sometime this summer to test his computer science skills in the Silicon Valley.

Good thing that the number one city for young professionals is San Francisco, according to

San Francisco also tops the best city for young professionals on and ranks #3 on . IT also ranks as #1 in the Best Cities for Young Tech professionals, according to Time Magazine, so it looks like it is the best place for him.

I enjoyed San Francisco when I traveled there for business years ago. I always said I wanted to back and now it looks like I may have my chance.




Which candidate would make the best president?

thDecember 4, 2015 – The world is going crazy, there’s more violence erupting every day and I’m not sure that any of the candidates running for president of the U.S. can save us from destroying ourselves or even begin to lead us in the right direction.

Too heavy for a Friday? Here’s a little humor that may help. lists the fictional characters that we’d like to see run for president. While I’m partial to #1 , 5 or 13, any of them would be an improvement over the candidates asking for our votes now.

The greatest horror films of all time

Halloween-2014-5October 24, 2014Halloween is only a week away, so there’s no better time to review a list of the greatest horror films ever made. Do you agree with #1? The greatest horror book for sure, but not greatest horror film.

That’s why I agree with this list from on the 10 scariest books ever written.

This is the perfect weekend to watch or read one of these classics, and get your fright on.

Fun with puns and alliteration

a-middle-eastern-eatery-photo-u1January 24, 2014 – Most people enjoy a good pun, the wordplay form that suggests more than one meaning of similar sounding words for a humorous effect. They can be madcap fun.

When you combine a passionate penchant for puns and a lingering love of lists — the alliteration part of this blog post — you end up with a set of data that is sure to entertain. Take a look at the “47 Best Funny Restaurant Puns” from, the crowd sourced list maker of topics both entertaining and practical, and I bet you’ll be entertained, too.

It’s clever, for instance, to name a wine shop Planet of the Grapes, and a coffee shop Brewed Awakening. It’s downright funny to name a deli Nin Com Soup, or a chicken restaurant Sam and Ella’s. I had to read some of the puns/names a few times before it clicked, and admit to still scratching my head at nos. 16, 28, 34, and 44, but it’s a list definitely worth a look.

Betting on the best cocktail ever mixed

mojitoJuly 31, 2013 – My nephew reached a right of passage over the weekend.

He’s old enough now to enjoy the traditions my family cherishes; he visited Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City to gamble with my mother, and he sat at the poker bar to have a beer with my father. We teach them well.

Later we dined at “the high class joint”, my father’s way of describing Luke Palladino’s where I had the best mojito. Recently, the summer quencher surpassed the margarita as my favorite warm weather drink.

What’s your pleasure? I’ll bet it appears on’s list of the best cocktails ever mixed.

A list of reasons why I love lists

I love listsMay 8, 2013 – If you love lists like I do, here are two great sources that keep me entertained: and

Which is my favorite? I couldn’t say. Choosing between them is too Sophie’s Choice for my taste.

Both sites provide lists on a multitude of subjects, but operate differently. Ranker’s lists are living documents, open to the general public to change, vote on and create anew, while ListVerse contains static lists open for comments, but not change. It’s the best of both worlds.

Here’s a sampling:

What is the best way to spend $100? (Ranker)

13 Simpson jokes that actually came true (Ranker)

10 mesmerizing facts about hypnosis (ListVerse)

10 ways the bank is stealing from you (List Verse)

A word of warning: proceed with caution. This stuff is addicting.

The best museums in the United States

September 10, 2012 – The summer may be winding down faster than we want to admit, and I hope the memories of how you celebrated the season – whether at a beach, lake, mountain resort, abroad or even in your own neighborhood, keep you warm through next spring.

If those summer plans included a road trip to one of this country’s many fine museums, here’s a link you may enjoy. lists the best museums in the United States, and I’m proud to say the museum in my own backyard, the wonderful Philadelphia Museum of Art places high on the list.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a great place to wander through on any given day, but Sundays are popular because you can pay what you want to get in. The museum features a wide range of art to please any taste — some pieces that are nearly 1,000 years old, right up to modern-day, and everything in between. 

It also hosts several special showings each year of works that tour the country and the world. Recently, it featured “Van Gogh Up Close”, which touted 30 paintings from the often-misunderstood artist, and was the only U.S. stop on a worldwide tour.

The coming months are a perfect time to visit the museum; afterwards you can stroll the lovely grounds and take in the fall foliage by Boat House Row and along Kelly Drive.